2-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (CAS 4468-48-8)

Saturday, July 13th 2013. | Others

2-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (CAS 4468-48-8) produced by a group of our team that already has a lot of experience from the pharmacy and the chemicals that are commonly used by many laboratories are very varied, so we really ensure that 99% of this product is very well used and does not have a negative effect. If you want to know what chemicals are used to make these products, please note the following chemicals, here’s a bit of chemicals that we use to make 2-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (CAS 4468-48-8), benzene acetonitrile, ethanol and sodium ethyl refluxed 2h, from the resultant HCl and that the α-cyano benzene acetone. As for the price of 2-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (CAS 4468-48-8), we also offer a price that is relatively cheaper. To find out all the details of this product please visit our official website to, and get the special price from us http://craft-chemical.com

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