7 Facts You Must Known About Elvis Presley

Friday, May 4th 2018. | Internet News

7 Facts You Must Known About Elvis PresleyWell who does not think about the ruler of the stone music world – Elvis Presley? Yet, there are some obscure fascinating facts about Elvis which you won’t not know. Intriguing what those facts could be? Simply experience this article and you will find the solution. Beneath here are 7 unfamiliar yet intriguing facts about the legend himself – Elvis Presley, Also get Elvis Presley t-shirts here http://idposter.com/Elvis_Presley/

Have a quick look :

1. Elvis’s popular black hair was not actually black. He had brown hair. He dyed those to black.
2. Elvis was born twins but his twin brother was a stillborn. His brother was named Jesse.
3. The first ever guitar Elvis purchased was actually against his wish at the age of 11 by his mother.
4. More Americans watched Elvis’ television special Elvis – Aloha From Hawaii than watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.
5. Elvis had a daughter Lisa who married Micheal Jackson. Later she married Nicolas Cage who was also Elvis’s obsessive.
6. When Elvis was just 15 months old, he almost died in a tornado ofMississippi. If that would had happened that means the world would have been deprived of this legend.
7. Elvis was a big foodie. He loved deep-fried fatty goodies, potato & cheese soup, meatloaf with mushroom gravy, biscuits, gravy etc. But he hated fish. He could not stand the sight of fish food.

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