75% Of iOS Devices Have Adopted iOS 12

Thursday, January 3rd 2019. | Gadget News

75% Of iOS Devices Have Adopted iOS 12IOS devices in its history have never had a problem with the latest iOS adoption rates. So is the case with iOS 12.

According to his Developer site, Apple claims that iOS 12 has been installed on 75% of all existing iOS devices, aka three quarters already using the latest OS. In fact, Apple claims, if all iOS devices released more than four years ago were calculated, the percentage increased to 78%.

This high number also shows that Apple’s approach to iOS 12 is better than iOS 11, which adopts slower. In January 2018, the adoption rate of iOS 11 was only 65%.

The approach in question is Apple’s focus on the quality of the OS rather than brand-new features that attract attention. The reason is when iOS 11 is released, many bugs still exist in the full version of the update.

This is said to make many users frustrated, especially considering Apple is known as a company that is very concerned about small things, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Thursday (01/03/2019).

The high adoption of the latest iOS by Apple-made devices is very much helped by the way the company from Cupertino, USA is in distributing the update.

That is by providing updates simultaneously to all users. This is called making it easier for users to update their device’s operating system to the latest version.

This is different from the adoption rate of the latest Android OS. In fact, the dashboard Android developer page hasn’t been updated since last October.

In the last dashboard, more than 50% of Android users are still ‘stuck’ on Android Marshmallow, which was released in 2015. As for the latest Android Pie, data per October showed that the adoption rate was less than 0.1%.

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