A key aspect of Software Product Testing

Tuesday, January 27th 2015. | Others

Globalization testing is more pertinent today than it was prior and is a key part of software product testing. For one, to expand their business sector base, organizations are progressively focusing on worldwide clients customizing gimmicks and usefulness to meet client norms and configurations of a specific geology. This incorporates inclination like stages, programs, dialect settings, money and so on testing distinctive blends of the above components gets to be mission basic.

Globalization testing additionally means guaranteeing software products have pertinent peculiarities and usefulness to create interface with the geologically scattered clients. It would be adept to portray Globalization testing as a methodology to guarantee software can run autonomous of its land and social environment.

I asked our Associate Test Manager, “What are the key parts of Globalization testing and what are the most forgotten viewpoints or moment subtle elements one needs to tolerate as a top priority for globalization testing?”

Here’s what Mr. Ashwin replied:

“There are a lot of aspects that must be considered when producing a global software. Some of the aspects are as follows:

• Locale/Language/Vocabulary Sensitivity

• Format

– Date and time

– Currency handling

– Address and telephone number

• Default Size of Paper for printing

Apart from usual elements tested like platforms, cross-browser compatibility, language settings, translation capabilities etc. “

I asked how was he ready to minutely characterize such subtle elements which are frequently passed up a major opportunity in Globalization testing. He answered –

“One gets to know about various nuances of Globalization testing or for that matter other testing, when one works for a particular case and the level he drills into. In our case, we had a chance to perform globalization testing for a web-based product involved in online transaction using 25 different currencies. Also, product testing was done to ensure that mobile users in 70 countries are able to recharge their currency and perform money transfer without any problem across countries.”

Mr. Ashwin also suggested some of the best practices while performing Globalization Testing as follows:

Step1: Analyze the globalization requirements in detail like the culture, standards etc.

Step 2: Ensure application seamlessly integrates with the locale/language

Step 3: Ensure application and database are able to capture and store all special characters, italics, accentuated character sets specific to the language to be supported

Step 4: Ensure there is proper formatting of dates, currencies etc. as applicable

Step 5: Ensure proper conversion rates as applicable in case of currencies

The point of Globalization testing is to verify agreeableness, ease of use and dependability of a product is in place in remembering with worldwide groups of onlookers. As an administration supplier, more software testing organizations are adapting to reinforce their backing to meet worldwide client exerience.

Had a canny session with Mr. Ashwin yesterday. On the off chance that you have any questions or on the off chance that you need to know all the more about how our software product testing administrations can help you, don’t falter to call us or drop a line.

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