All the subtleties of a successful transfer

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017. | Others

All the subtleties of a successful transferEvery year the transfer market begins to more and more surprise football fans, who sometimes just shocked by the events that are now happening in the football world. If only a year ago, people could not understand why Manchester United gave a little more than 100 million euros for ex-midfielder Turin Juventus Paul Pogba, then this summer everyone was discussing the transition of the Brazilian Neimar, who moved from Catalan Barcelona to French PSG for a sum that is twice as large (222 million euros). Yes, for some of these changes of club registration, the above-mentioned players looked cosmic because of the money that was given to them, but the colossal role in the transfer was played by representatives of football players and clubs, and today’s popular football agents, without which it is unlikely that something would have happened.

For example, Mino Rayola, who handled Lukaku’s transfers (from Everton to Manchester United) and his friend Pogba, whom we already mentioned, according to the famous American magazine Forbes, earned 43.5 million dollars. It is noteworthy that this indicator is only fourth in the rating from the publication, while Konstantin Dumitrasku is the leader, whose services are used by such football players as Ngolo Kante (Chelsea), Edonso Cavani (PSG) and Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool). He managed to earn $ 108 million on his players’ contracts.

As we see, not only football players, they can earn round sums, but also their agents. But if, top-players receive a salary with tens of millions a year due to their individual skills, then managers (as it is fashionable to call agents today) receive such fees thanks to other parameters. In addition to the perfect legal study of a possible transaction, one of the most necessary factors is the ability to communicate with people. And if on we can simply communicate with people for the sake of acquaintance, then the agents should find an approach both to the football players themselves and to the teams in order to get a good and profitable deal in the financial aspect. Get it, by the way, does not succeed, if a person does not have charisma and creativity. Well-known agents have become famous for their high-profile transfers due to the fact that they were able to convince the players that they need to go to a club, even if they were all right there, and the clubs are about how much the player they want is needed by the team.

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