Amazing! The ‘Sultan’ Fence Wall Decorates Hundreds of iPhones

Sunday, June 7th 2020. | Gadget News

The fence wall of a house suddenly went viral on social media. Not because of the gold clad, but the iPhone.

The house is located in Vietnam. It’s not a unit that still lights up, the homeowner only uses a used iPhone shell.

Even so you can imagine how many iPhone bodies are used to decorate the fence wall. It was not tens, it could even reach hundreds of units in number.

Not to mention how he can get that many iPhone shells and how much money is spent. Although used, the shell of Apple’s cell phone is not cheap.

If you look closely, the most variants of the iPhone 6 to 6s Plus are posted, followed by the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Meanwhile, if the color variant, looks the most dominant is silver.

Because of the unique nature of the building, many later shared it on social media. One of them is Ben Geskin who often gives the latest gadget leaks.

Curious as to what the appearance of the ‘sultan’ fence decorated with an iPhone? Here is the video.

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