AMD aims to sell modified PlayStation 4 APU for PCs

Friday, March 1st 2013. | Hardware News

AMD aims to sell modified PlayStation 4 APU for PCs

The PlayStation 4’s parts were just uncovered by Sony a couple days back, yet as of recently AMD is disclosing plans for its structural planning past the amusement comfort.

Talking with the Inquirer, AMD’s Head of Marketing John Taylor uncovered the association’s plans to discharge a scaled down adaptation of the quickened handling unit (APU) for PCs.

While the PC rendition of the APU won’t be as influential as the chip inside the PS4, it could be built extremely nearly in light of the AMD Jaguar Sony is at present touting for its unseen support.

Covering all bases

The choice shouldn’t create concern for any Sony steadfast stressed that the exclusive tech in the PlayStation 4 could be making its direction into nature.

Taylor made a point to stipulate the APU discharged for PCs won’t have the same number of centers or the same processing capacities as recognized in the PS4.

“The lot that Sony has imparted in that solitary chip is AMD [intellectual property], yet we have not fabricated an APU very like that for any other individual in the business,” Taylor included.

Consistent with Taylor, the PS4’s APU is “without a doubt the most capable APU” AMD has ever fabricated, and that the chips arriving later in the not so distant future won’t be equipped for “that level of sheer number of centers, sheer number of teraflops.”

Inquisitively, the Xbox 720 is additionally reputed to utilize the same x86 chip that was disclosed for the PS4, yet since that support hasn’t really been reported yet, its difficult to comprehend what sort of chip the following Xbox will run yet.

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