AMD FX-Series Processor still in doubt

Thursday, July 28th 2011. | Hardware News

After just yesterday we reported that AMD’s FX-Series processors would almost certainly launch on September 19, newly uncovered information has come to question this date and points yet again to an October launch. The date is taken from what appears to be an internal AMD document that is entitled “Desktop CPU/APU production schedule,” and that includes not only FX-Series processors, but also Llano and Brazos parts. According to this slide, all the five CPUs that AMD plans to introduce in October have been completed and are expected to enter mass production in August, while availability is scheduled for October 2011.

The five Bulldozer chips included in the document are the FX-8150, FX-8120, FX-8100, FX-6100 and FX-4100. All of these are based on the Bulldozer architecture, feature 8MB of shared Level 3 cache memory, and an integrated DDR3 dual-channel memory controller that officially supports speeds up to 1866MHz. Just as we previously detailed, the fastest CPU of the bunch is the FX-8150P which packs four Bulldozer processor modules for a total of eight computing cores.

The chip will sport a base frequency of 3.6GHz, which can be increased up to 4.2GHz thanks to the Turbo Core technology, and its TDP is set at 125W. Since the start of this year, all sort of rumors regarding the availability of these Bulldozer-based desktop processors emerged on the Web. At the start of June, however, AMD came out and announced that the first Zambezi FX processors, based on the Bulldozer architecture, aren’t expected to arrive until August or September of 2011.

No other official statements regarding the release date emerged since then, but recently AMD unveiled an FX-Series advertising movie that led many to believe the unveiling will take place on September 19. Nonetheless, if the information in this latest document is true, it seems like AMD’s only chance to get FX-Series processors out in September is to go for a paper launch.

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