AMD Radeon HD 6990M Also Makes a Way Into Eurocom Notebooks

Wednesday, July 13th 2011. | Hardware News

Only a day after AMD has introduced its new flagship mobile graphics card, the Radeon HD 6990M, Eurocom has announced that the GPU will be added to the extensive options list available for their high-performance notebook computers.

Until now, the only AMD Radeon HD 6000-series GPU available in Eurocom’s notebooks was the HD 6970M, which could be configured both as a standalone card or in dual CrossFireX configurations, just as it’s also the case with the HD 6990M.

AMD’s latest mobile creation is based on the same Barts core as the one used in the Radeon HD 6800-series desktop solutions as well as in the Radeon HD 6970M.

This time, however, the Sunnyvale-based company opted for using the full implementation of Barts, also known as Barts XT, which includes 1120 stream processors, 56 texture units, 32 ROP units and a 256-bit wide memory bus.

In order to improve performance even more over that of the HD 6970M, the GPU clock was also raised from 680MHz to 715MHz, while the amount of video memory installed was increased at 2GB.

All these changes deliver a theoretical performance increase of 23%, which AMD found, in its internal tests, that it translates into a 5-20 percent speed advantage, depending on the game run.

In addition of becoming available in the Eurocom Panther 3.0, Neptune and Racer notebooks, the company will also offer the AMD Radeon HD 6990M GPUs separately to existing customers as an upgrade option.

Eurocom has been working together with AMD team for many years now in both embedded and non-embedded projects,” said Mark Bialic, president of Eurocom.

“In the past we integrated AMD processors and ATI graphics solutions into a number of our systems. The AMD Radeon HD 6990M will enhance the capability of our products and offer customers a wider selection of GPU solutions,” concluded the company’s rep.

The Radeon HD 6990M isn’t listed yet in the company’s online configurator and Eurocom hasn’t released any information regarding pricing or availability at this point in time.

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