Android Mobile App Development for Your Business

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. | Software News

Android Mobile App Development for Your BusinessNot so long ago having an online site was a huge step forward for the business. Technology is changing everything so rapidly that a website is not even considered as critically needed unless you offer a mobile app development to your present and future customers. Developing such an app can have enormous advantages but the task is not easy, it requires a great idea and even better execution but the main questions is – which operating system should you choose?

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?
As many clichés would say – the future is here. Mobile app development is nothing new anymore and businesses have been adopting this new and incredible feature for years. There are plenty of different options to choose when creating your own app depending on the business’s product. The most common apps have a feature to improve sales – a direct button to make a purchase while checking the products. Customer engagement is another great benefit, as studies show that most people prefer looking at their phones now. This also leads to a more personal relationship and the result is better customer support as well.

Is Android the OS to Choose?
The question, which operating system to choose has been discussed by developers, business owners, and even fans, for many years. There could never be a definitive answer, as they all have pros and cons. The most used systems are iOS and Android. While iOS is cheaper to build (it requires less coding generally) and faster, Android has the biggest market share (with over 80%) and apps are published easily in the Google Play App. Companies developing apps for Android like SwagSoft are using Java to reach their customers – more than 1 million Android activated daily.

Android is also providing more free apps to their users, it is used by countless different mobile devices and has billions of customers all over the world.

Reasons to Pick Android
Android apps are developed with functionality in mind. They are easily developed to include many features like e-mail connectivity, task managers, and calendars. The developers can be installing an easier way to improve customer relationship and business management.

Mobile app developing for Android allows for more customizations and modifications. Even the whole operating system can be customized for the different type of operations. This way you can improve the brand recognition by including your own brand into the app. More experienced developers would be able to adjust the app for your specific needs in no time.

Because Android is an open source operating system, it could be used for all types of mobile devices. Reaching out to even the low-end device user allows the OS to conquer the market, emphasizing again on the fact that around 80% of shares goes with Google’s operating system. While you might need to wait a

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