Apple MacBook Air 11 inch

Friday, July 29th 2011. | Hardware News

Steve Jobs has made his opinion of netbooks very clear. Launching the iPad early last year, Apple’s chief executive, said that many people felt that netbooks – smaller, cheaper laptops – could fill the gap between the laptop and the smartphone. “The problem is,” he said, “that netbooks aren’t better than anything. They’re just cheap laptops.”

It was slightly surprising, then, when Apple updated its MacBook Air last year and added a new 11” model to the range. Was this an Apple netbook? Not really. For one thing, at a starting price of £849 it’s not cheap. But you get an impressive computer for your money.

Last week, Apple updated the MacBook Air again, adding more powerful processors, more storage and Thunderbolt ports. The new 11” MacBook Air is a netbook in form factor but a full-powered laptop in reality.

I switched from a 15” MacBook Pro to a 13” MacBook Air at the end of last year. Trading a couple of extra inches of screen for a much lighter computer was an easy choice but I wasn’t prepared to switch to the 11”. I thought it was too small and not powerful enough. Now, having used one for the last week, I’ve found that I like the size and I’m impressed by the power.

I should mention that at work I connect my laptop to a 27” monitor so screen size is not an issue much of the time. But even at home I’ve found the 11” Air’s screen to be ideal for the work I do, which is mostly writing and editing. And the screen is great: high quality, bright and sharp. It’s better than anything you’d find on a netbook and easily bears comparison with Apple’s larger laptops.

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