Apple Reportedly Plans January Media Event

Monday, January 2nd 2012. | Internet News

Apple is planning an “important” media event for the end of January, according to a report from AllThingsD. The site said that Apple will be announcing something relating to the media industry itself, and that it will hold the event in New York City.

Apple Crystal BallAccording to the Kara Swisher’s sources, the event is categorically not related to Apple’s next generation iPad device—the company is expected to refresh its iPad line early in 2012, but this event won’t be when that happens.

We should note, though, the recent (and highly unlikely) report fromDigiTimes that said Apple would unveil its new iPad during Macworld, which also takes place at the end of January. In that Apple pulled out of Macworld, we give that rumor little or no credibility as stated, but it does mean that there is extra chatter out there about a late January Apple announcement.

AllThingsD also said that its sources said that the event wasn’t likely to be to introduce the other hot-button rumor, an Apple television set. Rumors and supposed leaks have flown hot, heavy, and thick that the company will announce some kind of full television set during 2012, and that it was working on content deals for such a product.

So why New York City, and how will it relate to the media industry? Apple vice president Eddy Cue is reportedly involved in the event, which means that it could be an advertising-related announcement. Mr. Cue is in charge of, among other things, Apple’s iAd advertising network, and New York City is the advertising capital of the U.S.

Then again, the Big Apple—as in NYC—is also the publishing capital of the U.S., and Mr. Cue oversees iBooks, in addition to iAd. Wait, NYC is the financial capital of the U.S., and possibly the world, so maybe this will be the announcement of iCash? Apple has more of it than many a government…

We jest, but the event will supposedly be media related, which suggests either publishing or advertising. Pick your favorite poison and call your bookie if you want to lay odds.

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