Before Shooting Offices of YouTube, Nasim Aghdam Practice First

Thursday, April 5th 2018. | Internet News

Nasim AghdamOn the afternoon of Tuesday (4/2018), Najafi Nasim Aghdam stepped in to YouTube Office environment in San Bruno, California, United States, through a garage.

He then shot three people who were in the offices of YouTube, before committing suicide by way of hot lead to catapult yourself, according to police official and San Bruno.

The morning before doing the action, Nasim Aghdam, he once visited a field firing in the area around the Office of YouTube, to practice shooting.

Firearms are used when it is the same as that used for shooting at the offices of YouTube, a semi-automatic pistol Smith Wesson 9 mm caliber &.

Aghdam was reported missing from her home since March 31, and had been found by police were asleep in his car in the evening before the shooting. When questioned, he alleged that the runaway due to family problems.

However, the actual alleged Aghdam save pique against the accused had been censoring YouTube and upload video monetization Aghdam without obvious reasons.

Shannan it had poured through videos, written on the web, and disclosed to the family, so the alleged motives of Aghdam shooting at the offices of YouTube.

Nasim Aghdam is indeed known is a YouTuber who have discussed several channels in Farsi, Turkey, and United Kingdom. All the used channel has now been removed.

As summarized MixTechs from, Thursday (3/2018), Nasim Aghdam presumably does not have a direct relationship with the victims of the shooting, thus reinforcing the suspicion that the motive was indeed pique against YouTube, not personal grudges.

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