Black Ops II trailer shows off a future war. “Call of Duty”

Tuesday, May 1st 2012. | Games News

kenreck_blackops_trailerThe highly anticipated “Black Ops” sequel was, until now, only speculation. The reveal trailer shows that “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” will be set in the near future during a 21st-century cold war. That likely means more sci-fi weaponry, more elaborate loadout options and a more fantastical plot.

Why is this a big deal? For gamers, the Call of Duty franchise is consistently producing among the best first-person shooters out there. For those who like numbers, last year’s title, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” sold 6.5 million units in North America and the U.K. in the first day. That’s $400 million in sales. In a day. So yeah, people care about this.

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