Buy Car Tires: What data you need to know?

Thursday, October 9th 2014. | Others

Whether summer or winter tires, all season tires, racing tires and vintage tires – for every purpose and every vehicle there are the right models. Who wants to buy new tires, has a huge selection for every purpose and every vehicle. By comparison in the Internet, the desire tires also can purchase at an affordable price. But what you need to know to find the right models? What are the technical data must be observed?

Basically, you can buy a car tire not go wrong. All that you need is the car registration or vehicle registration. In both papers the statutory dimensions are listed for this tire: of the dimensions permitted up to a maximum load capacity and maximum speed. Good specialist shops like lead the customer then step by step through the entire selection process. Tip: If the papers just are not at hand, displays a graphic where to find the data on the old tires.

In addition to the mandatory information, there are still some optional features that you should consider. An important topic, for example the runflat tire. In can therefore find the same can be filtered run-flat models which in the case of a breakdown, the onward journey to the next garage. Important: some manufacturers, these tires should be marked,, run-flat “, while others identify the run-flat tires as,, Self Supporting Tyre”. Who is often traveling with heavy luggage or likes to go fast, also can buy car tires (autoreifen kaufen), shown by higher LI-digit. Professional advice to convert to so-called Reinforced models provides here the

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