Buying Guide: Best Cheap PS4 Deals

Tuesday, August 26th 2014. | Games News

There’s no excuse not to pre-order the PS4 if you really want one now that Sony has revealed all its cards, zinging the Xbox One a dozen times in the process. We finally know the PlayStation 4 release date, price and launch games.

But where can you pre-order PS4 in the U.S. before it hits the streets on Nov. 15? Stock is dwindling and some stores are offering better PS4 console and game bundles than others.

The good news is that retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears and even the official Sony Store will have the PS4 system in stock for launch day. Availability at Amazon and GameStop is a little less clear, however.

Now is the time to get your PS4 Day One games wishlist sorted out, drop at least $ 400-plus-tax on the hardware and pick up a PS4 bundle. We’ve got the all the info you need to know right here, though note information is subject to change on the turn of a dime. We’ll keep updating this guide so you know just where to go for your next-gen PlayStation.

PS4 at Best Buy: midnight store openings

Best Buy is opening some of its brick-and-mortar stores at midnight on Nov. 15 in order to sell PS4 to gamers who still opt for long lines and predictably cold weather. But these diehards will be among the first to own a PlayStation 4, a reward that comes with plenty of bragging rights. features a Midnight Opening Store Locator on its PS4 launch page listing the states and locations of stores opening up for the special occassion.

Showing up early in person on launch day is the only way to walk away with a PS4, as Best Buy isn’t taking pre-orders in-store. That’s limited to its online site, where the pre-order down payment has been $ 25.

Online, Best Buy is offering a PS4 bundle containing the console, Killzone: Shadow Fall and a 3-month PlayStation Plus subscription card. The price is $ 499.97, saving gamers $ 10 over what this trio would normally cost.

This game-included bundle is sold out right now, but Best Buy’s PS4 console stock has been in flux over the past few days. It’ll likely remain that unpredictable way leading up to the Nov. 15 launch date.

Walmart discounts PS4 by mere pennies

Talk about price matching. Walmart’s in-store PS4 pre-orders are going for a blue light special of $ 399.96 – a listing price that’s three cents cheaper than every store except Amazon.

PS4 pre-orders guideThe PS4 bundle with the most options

PlayStation 4 games, controllers and the PS4 camera at Walmart follow that three-cent discount strategy, costing $ 59.96 each on its website.

Pre-ordering PS4 online through Walmart forces customers to spring for extra games and an accessory. This “Solution Bundle” includes a choice of one game out of the 18 available and one accessory like an extra DualShock 4 controller or the PS4 camera.

That will run you $ 517.96 and Walmart is offering free shipping the day of release.

PS4 sold out at GameStop

PS4 demand was high at GameStop. How do we know? First, the retailer stopped taking console pre-orders online and in stores a few weeks after the hardware was revealed at E3.

Second, the barrier to entry was higher than other stores, requiring a $ 100 down (that money went toward the final price of the PS4) to guarantee launch day delivery instead of the average $ 25. Gamers still bit down.

GameStop is hardly a reliable option having been out of stock for weeks now, but if you still have unused PowerUp Reward credits after selling your used games there, then you may want to sign up for alerts on the retailer’s website.

At the time of GameStop’s original pre-order sales, the PS4 cost $ 399.99 and games were the typical $ 59.99.

Like Best Buy and Walmart, GameStop is planning midnight console launches at most of its retail locations throughout the U.S. Expect long lines at the stroke of midnight.

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