Case manufacturers building iPad 3 cases, sans specs

Thursday, January 19th 2012. | Gadget News

Two iPad 3s next month?In one instance they create a whole culture of fodder for bloggers and their readers. In another, they cause whole factories to produce cases for products that neither exist, nor have official specifications. Such was the story before the iPhone 4S release and has now returned as the rumored iPad 3 launch looms.

The iPhone 4S launch should have proven to be a great lesson learned as several case manufacturers rushed to create case solutions for the rumored iPhone 5, which turned out to be pure fiction.

So now, according to 9to5Mac, instead of simply waiting for Apple’s official announcement for the iPad 3 (or 2S as many believe it may be called), Chinese manufacturer Chinee is trying to get a jump on the competition by producing cases that take into account the most popular rumors about the next generation iPad’s design–namely that it will be nearly identical to the iPad 2, but slightly thicker to accommodate some of the rumored internal upgrades.

Of course, Chinee claims it has a source inside Apple who has confirmed the 1mm difference in thickness, but I have to remain skeptical. The teardrop design for the iPhone 5 that never came to be was all but confirmed as well.

The only detail that may make this manufacturing switch legit is that next-gen iPad production has begun and it is very likely that documentation on the specs have been shared. Still, if it’s my money, I’m waiting for those official numbers from Apple.

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