Choosing a Developing Company for Magento

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. | Others

E-commerce has become one of the major business adventures in the last several years and online business owners have had a hard task choosing which platform to use for their business. Magento is usually the option to go with and then comes the next question – what would be the best option to develop your online store. Indie or professional developers – the topic many fans and users have been discussing for years. Here is a look at the professional developers.

What Kind of Development Company Do You Need?

Businesses are different even if they are based on a common platform like Magento. Depending on the main focus of your eCommerce business, you might need to consider carefully which qualifications to be emphasized when building your project with a professional development company like Singsys.
On some occasions it might not even be necessary to hire a whole company at all – simple projects can easily be trusted to a freelancer. Knowing your business and your idea is the crucial factor here.

How to Find Development Companies for Magento

After clearing the idea and be certain that your project will need a professional development company then you will start looking for one. Google may seem like the obvious choice when researching something but it might get trickier when it comes down to your business.
– Reviews and articles are useful but you should consider going the extra mile with professional sites and forums (some may require a payment but it is worth the investment).
– Ask friends and business partners who have been down that road before for recommendations as well.
– On Magento’s website are posted several eCommerce development companies and reviews for them, so make sure to absorb that information.
– Attending professional events is another option, where you can not only do a research for your future development company but also build strong relationships with other business owners.
Getting an Offer

Once your list of potential partners is complete (choose at least 3) then contacting them is next. As this is a crucial part of the process, taking advice and reading how to get a better offer is strongly recommended.

Begin by stating your intentions, your idea, how you see the business now, in few months and in few years. Let the company know how many people you would need working on it, how long should the process take and how complex the end results would be. Stay flexible and open for negotiations (always ask for a second opinion), especially if you do not have any previous experience with building a Magento based eCommerce online business.

Be honest with your potential partners and be open when informing them about your budget. Ask them thoroughly if there are any hidden fees. Some eCommerce development companies o

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