Christopher Wylie, University Students Uncover Leaks User Data Facebook

Sunday, March 25th 2018. | Internet News

Christopher WylieThe name Christopher Wylie (28), or the familiar accosted Wylie, suddenly crowded discussed in the mass media. Wylie is a whistleblower aka the Dog Whisperer, or rather personal data theft scandal leaks Facebook users by data analysis, Cambridge firm Analytica, a former place of work.

He was known to start working on the Cambridge Analytica in 2014. Thanks to the gold talent in programming and data science, he won as head researcher Cambridge Analytica.

Previously, Wylie worked for Alexander Nix in Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), which is a specialist institution of elections.

In mid-2013, Wylie met with Steve Bannon, editor BreitBart News Networking which later became CEO of Donald Trump’s campaign team in the United States (u.s.) election year 2016. Bannon also briefly served as senior Counselor of President Trump.

Bannon, who set up Donald Trump campaign at that time, became the target of Nix. Nix aware if Bannon represents itself as the intellectual people so Nix felt the need to represent the institution like Bannon.

He then makes a fake Office in Cambridge to bring in groups of from London every Bannon visited for impressive Bannon if their institutions operate based on academics. Then the Office that’s what later became the headquarters of the Cambridge Analytica.

In an interview with The Guardian, Wylie admitted to meeting with Robert Mercer along with Bannon and Nix. Wylie admitted if Bannon seducing Robert Mercer, one of the U.S. billionaire, to want to invest.

Mercer is one of the key figures in the campaign calling for the United Kingdom in order to get out of the EU or British Exit (Brexit) which occurred in the year 2016. He also became one of the right-wing in the U.S. who support Trump in kontestasi the US election.

The meeting of Fund injections to fruition 15 million (around Rp 206 billion) to Cambridge Analytica.

How Cambridge Analytica gets Facebook user data

The year 2014, Wylie met with Aleksandr Kogan at the University of Cambridge. Kogan offers the fastest, cheapest, and qualified to harvest data of Facebook users.

To Wylie, he claimed to have an application called “thisisyourdigitallife ” on Facebook. This application can provide special access, not simply from user data in the application, but also the friends network users of the application.

“Simply put, if you use the application, I will not only be able to see your profile, but also your Facebook friends “, Wylie said as reported by the KompasTekno from The Guardian, Friday (23/3/2018).

Kogan is known to never send e-mail to Wylie about personal traits of the Facebook users who can be predicted through the application.

Application of artificial Global Science Research work, indeed the Kogan place often presents a survey of personality that spread on Facebook. This application users unknowingly submit their personal data voluntarily, what they like, where they live, as well as anyone of their friends.

In fact, Wylie said, the application can be merangsek to a personal message on Facebook even though he does not know if Cambridge Analytica also access private messages or not.

“We need only to touch hundreds of thousands of people, and then pass it on account of wider to the rest of the U.S. territory’s,” says Wylie.

Indeed, the application is only downloaded 270,000 Kogan Facebook users, but its impact to tens of millions of user data. Wylie adds only need two to three months to harvest 50-60 million user data.

Utilizing psychology to influence voters

Wylie had said that he had made a weapon of war psychology to Steve Bannon. According to him, Steve was very ambitious for himself believes that to change politics must change first flows in a political culture because culture. Then to change the culture, then change the people.

“If you want to change society, destroy the first. Afterwards, collect the shards into a new society fit your vision, “said PhD student majoring in fashion trend forecasting.

Wylie then devise Psychological Operations (Psyop), an operation to deliver specific information, affect the emotions of the audience, motivate and provide objective reasons. To explore the electorate, they collect a lot of people to build their psychological profile.

“We are targeting them not as voters, but as a personal political “, says Wylie.

Afterwards, a team of creative, designer, photographer, and videographer creating content that will be sent to the target — in this case is the candidate voters — are spread out to the internet.

Creating sites, blogs, and any content, as long as the target can easily find it, click it, and then let them get deeper into the construction that was built through psychology.

Wylie ever explain, if this is different to the way conservatives with narration in public.

“You can whisper into the ear of any target, even whisper it differ from one destination to the other targets. We took the risk to society’s “framing, Wylie imbuh.

Facebook account, WhatsApp Instagram, and suspended

Reported by KompasTekno from CNBC, Wylie on Facebook account suspended over the incident. He claimed if WhatsApp account and Instagram, are also under Facebook, join the suspended even though representation WhatsApp had denied this.

Wylie describes the consequences of knowingly expose private information in social media.

“In social media, you put a lot of information about who you are in one place, which can be captured easily and then run through the algorithm would learn who you are, you” he said.

Wylie admitted to regret committing in this scandal.

“I’m sorry. This thing is obviously unethical because you play the psychology of all States in the U.S. without having them know and understand, “I guy original Canada.

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