Create Sin City Style Wallpaper

Thursday, June 8th 2017. | Others

Create Sin City Style WallpaperIn this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to make wallpaper for your desktop in the style of the film ‘Sin City.’

Before starting tutorial create sin city wallpaper find some picture to demonstrate effect on it. Go to Google Images and find some appropriate picture or you can use my picture. Open up the picture, then make selection of all the canvas with Ctrl+A and press Ctrl+C to copy selected area. Then create a new document sized 1920×1200 pixels (white background) and paste copied fragment into it with Ctrl+V.

After that use Image > Adjustments > Desaturate to desaturate newly copied photo of actor. Then apply Image > Adjustments > Levels with similar settings to the picture below to set up brightness and contrast for current layer.

Now we got something

Duplicate layer with Ctrl+J and set up levels setting

See the difference now?

Get out the Magic Wand Tool and click on white background on the photo to separate background from the picture of actor in easer way.

Now set up opacity to 50% for current layer to see hand border to retouch it on the photo. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to separate background area from the picture.

Hold the Alt button and when u will see minus sign near cursor you can apply Subtract from selection function to remove part of selection.

Press Delete to clear selected area.

After that press Add layer mask button on the bottom of layers palette to add layer mask to the upper layer.

Now we got layer mask for current layer.

Use Select > Load Selection to create current layer selection, then go to the layer under and add layer mask to this layer on the same way as before. We do this action to hide the background on the bottom layer with picture of actor. Then go back to the upper layer and continue with editing this layer. Get out the Brush Tool and soft round brush with black color and fill the main part of the selected area, leaving visible only the edges of the selection.

Deselect chosen area with Ctrl+D. After that go to background layer, create a new layer above and fill it with black color.

In this way we prepared our wallpapers to the new step. Now go to the upper layer in our layers palette and create a new one layer again, then fill it with black color also. On this layer I’m going to demonstrate rain effect.

Apply to this layer Filter > Noise > Add Noise with next presets

After applying filter we got effect

Then apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with similar settings to these

After applying filter change blending mode to Screen for current layer.

Increase contrast for current layer with Image > Adjustments > Levels (or just press Ctrl+L).

Then apply Edit > Free Transform to increase layer size. This action removes defects after applying filter.

Duplicate this layer with Ctrl+J and add layer mask to this layer also. Select the Brush Tool (Opacity: 49%) and soft round brush to create brush strokes somewhere on this layer with black color. This action will bring the rain heterogeneity effect and add more realistic view.

Do the same things with the lower layer with rain effect.

Time to add the text. Get out the Horizontal Type Tool (just the regular one) and write out Johnny Depp name with color of #d20101.

The font I’ve used above is called 28 Days Later, you can download it from here (link to This font is very well combined with our wallpaper. Now I would like to add mat to bring our text more contrast view. Apply Select > Load Selection to make text selection, then use Select > Modify > Expand to expand selection about 5 pixels. After that create new layer under the text layer and fill selected area with black color on it.

Remove selection with Ctrl+D. That is it. We are done with our tutorial. We got ‘Sin City’ effect as we wanted, it looks very interesting, isn’t it?

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