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Monday, August 29th 2016. | Others

DeltaHost company established in 2008. The main goal of the company is to provide hosting services to a qualitatively new level. On servers DeltaHost used software is open-source and proprietary development. DeltaHost specialists have extensive experience in the field of IT-services and writing web-based application (including billing systems).

Those. DeltaHost playground is located in Kremenchug, Ukraine, is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply, automatic diesel generator set, air-conditioning system, including the online fiber-optic communication line with a capacity of 1 Gbit / c and under armed guard. All this allows us to provide high quality services, reliability and data integrity.

We use self-developed control panel. The panel is constantly being improved, new features are added.

We use the server and network equipment from leading manufacturers: Intel, AMD, HP, SuperMicro, Cisco, ExtremeNetworks, APC.

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) – virtual server, which is in contrast to the VPS is based on a full virtualization technology. Each VDS working with his copy of the kernel, which is independent from the core server and the host operating system. On the VDS server, any operating system can be installed, including those of Windows.

VDS server allows you to have root access, to install and to customize any software, system libraries, manage settings firewall (firewall), make any manipulation with the server until the changes to the operating system kernel. In short VDS – it is virtually a dedicated server, but less powerful and more affordable price. This feature makes the VDS excellent alternative to more expensive dedicated servers.

As the hypervisor to use VDS Linux KVM. To ensure the reliability and fault tolerance we host the VPS to “mirror» RAID1 array. This means that each server’s disk is duplicated another and the failure of any of them does not affect the operation of the server.

As for the VPS, and for the VDS we provide free ISPManager Lite control panel, so you can manage your VDS is simple and convenient. For hosting companies, resellers, and design studios possibly free provision ISPManager Pro.

We recommend VDS servers as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive dedicated servers, especially when the server does not require large computing power.

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