demonstration of Windows 8 SkyDrive integration of Microsoft

Friday, February 24th 2012. | Internet News

microsoftMicrosoft has revealed details of how Windows 8 will work with its cloud storage service, SkyDrive.

Much like DropBox, SkyDrive in its future Metro style will use drag-and-drop for moving files, according to the Building Windows 8 blog.

Up to 2GB maximum for file uploads will be supported and reportedly the new version will work with both Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, making it easier if you need to work with PCs not quite so up to date.

Rounding off the new features for the new SkyDrive service is the ability to view stored content with ‘touch-first’ functionality, as you can see demonstrated in the video below.

What about support for apps? ‘For app developers, this means that, so long as your app supports opening and saving documents and photos, it will automatically support SkyDrive without any additional work,’ the post on Building Windows 8 said.

SkyDrive is currently available on Windows Phone as a free app and it’s also built into the operating system so you can upload photos, videos and other types of content straight to your account.

Microsoft currently offers 25GB of free storage.

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