Dozens of People Vietnam Hunting iPhone XS in Apple Orchard

Saturday, September 22nd 2018. | Gadget News

Dozens of People Vietnam Hunting iPhone XS in Apple OrchardBuyers from a number of neighboring countries in Singapore meet the Apple Orchard Road page on the inaugural sale of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If last year was more evenly distributed from the country, this 2018 line was dominated by Vietnamese.

This is not only from eye observation. Buyers from Indonesia who had detected it, claimed to be around their positions in line with many Vietnamese.

“A lot of Vietnamese, right and left are all. There were groups of seven people. But most of them were the first time they joined the queue at Apple Orchard,” said Adhitya Sakti.

What Adhit revealed was in line with what was said. Le Van Thang, the first buyer of the iPhone XS at Apple Orchard. He claimed he did not come alone to Singapore.

“I came with the group. There were 44 people,” said the man who is often called Thang.

The 20-year-old said that all the transportation costs to Singapore were borne by the boss at work. He also got paid for his struggle to buy two units of 512 GB iPhone XS Max Gold. Unfortunately Thang did not want to mention the fee.

Buyers from Vietnam are increasingly visible after the sale of the iPhone XS and XS Max was held. They sat in groups while carrying the latest iPhone unit complete with luggage around Apple Orchard.

“We are waiting here before going to the airport this afternoon,” said Thang.

The Apple Orchard staff who detected it found that quite a number of Vietnamese were being served. In fact, he could see a group of people who bought a lot of brand-new iPhones.

“I saw a group that bought up to 20 iPhone units,” said Apple staff.

Just like Indonesia, Vietnam has not visited the XS and XS Max. Therefore they visited Singapore to buy the latest iPhone earlier, whether for reuse or resale.

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