EA Founder Says Consoles Will Be Niche

Sunday, October 14th 2012. | Games News

EA Founder Says Consoles Will Be Niche, Logo Wallpaper

According to EA founder Trip Hawkins, as the gaming industry continues to expand to much more obtainable and also portable systems, units will end up a enthusiast market.

In an interview along with IGN, Hawkins mentioned:

“The gaming console market is always going to be along with us, simply because there’s usually likely to be a hardcore section, a segment which enjoys innovation. However it’s likely to be a more compact market, and it’s going to be more like a hobby industry. You appear from planes. Most of us would like to be a traveler, however presently there’s a spare time activity marketplace for people who are truly directly into flight handling and wish to consider flying lessons and perhaps someday possess their very own airplane. I believe which’s exactly what’s occurring to the console market.”

A labored analogy, however one which will talk to the popularity of the increase of informal gaming. Hawkins went on to express:

“Several years ago We’d go down to the cellar to experience Grand Theft Auto. However the Facebook game player is able to play at work, in your own home, in a hotel on the PC. They can obtain access to a browser almost anyplace. People are thinking about comfort very first.”

While the argument is actually against units, In my opinion it reaches “hardcore” PC gaming as well, as any Bbb-game received’t operate “almost anyplace.” Exactly what’s funny is that the comfort argument was leveled towards PC gaming previously and also accustomed to assistance gaming console gaming — yet PC gaming continues to be alive and also kicking.

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