Elite Students Accept Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Packet

Tuesday, August 9th 2011. | Hardware News

Lenovo introduced the IdeaPad K1 tablet a while ago and it looks like the company is using all methods to promote it, such as a special program carried out in collaboration with SGLI. Sometimes, when a company launches a certain product, steps are taken to promote it that aren’t usually chosen. The IdeaPad K1 tablet is, by Lenovo’s reckoning, one of those items that could use a nice boost to their early appeal.

As such, the company has decided to make use of it in this year’s Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) program, an annual initiative that involves students and global government leaders, the goal being to address world issues. What Lenovo did was ship 64 tablets to elite youth participants, who will use them for progress tracking, to record their experiences and stay connected. “SGLI fosters the same type of ‘do’ culture we strive to cultivate at Lenovo,” said Michael Schmedlen, director of worldwide education, Lenovo.

“We are proud to support the academic portion of the institute through our Education Research Initiative (ERI) and support the technology needs of these global students with our IdeaPad K1 Tablets. By focusing on learning outcomes, global collaboration across three continents, and an unparalleled student experience powered by Lenovo, SGLI is truly innovating in edtech.”

No doubt Lenovo is meaning to show that the slate can be used for education and other serious activities (sharing, in real time, data and insight with program peers via eBuddy Messenger and Documents to Go, for instance), not just for entertainment apps and social networking.

“Through generous support from the Education Research Initiative (a partnership of Lenovo, Intel and Microsoft), SGLI students are able to embrace innovative mobile technologies as an essential component in building a global community of youth leaders dedicated to positive change,” said Jim Scott, president of the Punahou School, host of the Student Global Leadership Institute.

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