Emptying of storage rooms in Madrid services

Wednesday, September 13th 2017. | Others

Vaciadodepisosytrasteros.com offer the service of emptied of storage rooms in Madrid (Vaciado de trasteros en Madrid), in which we realize the complete emptying of all the objects and properties that are inside, so it is for recycling or to throw it if in bad conditions. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us and inform us about the size of the store and the number of items to move or throw and we make a previous estimate, and if you want we can also personally contact the area where the store is located and evaluate in a few minutes, the place, objects and the packaging or container that will be needed, offering a much more complete budget of the work that will be done, and a benefit for us because from there we can make a logistic plan of how each item will be removed and what type of packaging will be needed.

We collect all kinds of clothing, textiles, furniture, bookshelves, curtains, which accumulate over the years in the storerooms, and the objects that do not need or want, and are in good condition, are donated to nonprofit organizations that are in charge of distributing them among the people in need.

We do the work for you, we remove and collect all types of property, old and deteriorated, that will be transferred to a clean or recycling point near your home or business.

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