everything together Jupiter, Venus and the Moon

Sunday, February 26th 2012. | Science News

StoryTonight Jupiter, Venus, and the moon are putting on a spectacular show in what’s called a “Triple Conjunction.” Venus and Jupiter are currently in the process of moving closer to each other in the night sky view, and by the middle of March you should be able to cover the view of the two planets just by holding out the palm of your hand. This phenomenon, where two planets cross each others paths three times over a short period, is a somewhat rare occurrence. The crescent moon only makes the view even more breathtaking.

Skies will be clearing throughout the evening, and you can see the view by looking to the western sky. The moon is closest to the planet Jupiter tonight. If you plan on stargazing tonight, be sure to dress warmly, as temperatures will be in the mid 20s. If you take any photos, be sure to send them to StormTeam@9wsyr.com or post them to our Facebook page, Syracuse Weather Updates.

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