Final Fantasy Tactics Updated: The War of Lions Hits iPhone

Monday, August 1st 2011. | Games News

Square Enix has just released the details for The War of the Lions on its Facebook page. Notably, the game isn’t going to be universal — what’s coming out on Thursday is just the iPhone version, with the iPad version to follow “at least 1 month behind.” We also now know the price for the port: $15.99 in the U.S. (same as Final Fantasy III when it was released earlier this year), 12.99 Euro.

We’d heard that Square Enix was pushing through an iPhone port of its PSP title, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, but just as to when it might actually appear has been up in the air. But what goes up must come down, or some appropriate metaphor about mid-air things, because The War of the Lions hits the iTunes App Store on Thursday.

Square Enix just announced the release on its Twitter account like literally one second ago. I know because, like some kind of freak, I’m still awake, even though in Hollywoodland it is only 4:47 a.m. — so early it cannot even be deemed the “ass-crack of dawn.” Anyway, reports were circulating the Internet saying that The War of the Lions had finally bested Apple’s app review process, which can sometimes be rather tenuous, and now that it has cleared that hurdle, Squeenix is preparing it to launch on the big App Store game night of the week (Wednesday).

Price point hasn’t been announced for the game just yet, but if it were sub-$13 I’d be very surprised. The last major mobile release from Square Enix, the JRPG prequel Chaos Rings: Omega, is still $12 right now, and started at a higher price than that. That’s just how Square rolls in the App Store — while others go with dollar games, it assumes everyone in the market will pay for its Final Fantasy ports and similar titles.

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