Game Developer PUBG Sue Maker Of “Fortnite”

Friday, June 1st 2018. | Games News

Game Developer PUBG Sue Maker Of  FortniteTwo makers of games that are popular now hostile to the green on the table. Developers of video game Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) has filed a law suit on Epic Games due to perceived copyright infringement.

Game developer company based in South Korea that it assesses Fortnite made Epic Games have quite a lot of similarities with PUBG. Even PUBG Corp. considers Fortnite plagiasi is the result of their game PUBG.

Quoted from KompasTekno, Wednesday (30/5/2018) parties PUBG Corp. is known to have lifted this demands since last January. PUBG Corp. demanding due to its perceived pursuit of Fortnite plagiasi on gameplay a “battleground “.

These claims were known to have reported PUBG Corp. on legal entities Seoul Central District Court in South Korea since last January.

However, these claims are not described in further whatever semblance of games that have been considered plagiarizing Fortnite PUBG.

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Indeed a Fortnite PUBG and two games with similar genres, namely the battle royale. The players in this game reunited in one locality then each other to endure to so.

At the beginning of its launch, the true mode only has a Fortnite game “survival ” where players are only required to endure to the end, by making the defence of the walls to shy away from the enemy.

However, around the end of January 2017, Epic Games released battle royale mode similar to PUBG, unbeknownst to them. This is what makes their disappointment PUBG Corp. revealed at that time.

Until recently parties Epic Games still reluctant to comment, but the legal process ensuring PUBG Corp. will continue to resolve this problem.

PUBG indeed became one of the best selling games since the beginning of its launch. Game genre battleroyal it sold 40 million copies in Steam and 4 million copies in the console.

PUBG also occupied the highest ranking of the most widely played games on Steam with the number of active players who could reach as much as 3 million players at a time.

But the number of known users, because a lot of the more PUBG according to a switch on a Fortnite

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