Guess, stylish, chic and a bit cocky

Monday, January 5th 2015. | Others

Guess is a young fashion brand, founded in 1981 by four American brothers of Italian descent in France.

A mix of countries that appeared to be very successful. The brand began designing trendy jeans, but soon made a trip to accessories and even perfumes. Guess horloges or Guess watches are immensely popular with a very large audience. And that’s not as crazy as you know that you can find in different styles in the collection of Guess watches.

Guess watches for women
The collection of Guess watches for ladies offers an elegant collection with leather straps, but also of stainless steel. Each Guess watch is equipped with elegant details such as small gemstones, shiny leather straps or fine dials. Guess watches for ladies make not only small, elegant watches. There are also tough specimens with a large dial, but still with feminine details.

Guess watches for men
Durable, stylish and sporty, these are the Guess watches for men. Styled with male materials such as sturdy canvas, robust leather or stylish stainless steel, each Guess men’s watch is a work of art to see. But very functional. Next time you can put on these watches also read the date and there are other gizmos on.

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