Heroes of Ruin Nintendo will be distributed in Europe

Thursday, April 26th 2012. | Games News

heroes_of_ruinAccording to a recent press release the upcoming dungeon crawler Heroes of Ruin will be marketed and distributed by Nintendo in Europe and nearby territories on June 15th. This is a great move by Nintendo and their third party support, and could lead to other such deals in the future. While Square Enix remains the publisher in a technical sense, Nintendo will take over all other duties including marketing and distribution

Releasing a game on any Nintendo console has always meant competing with the first party games. It’s hard to come out with a new IP when the umpteenth Mario game is coming out around the same time. With any luck, other RPGs will be able to strike the same kind of deal and have the king of video game marketing backing them. If this deal goes well, it could mean we will see better third party support by Nintendo in the future.

Heroes of Ruin looks to be a decent dungeon crawler for all you loot addicts out there. It will have daily challenges to keep you entertained well after completing the main quest, which will hopefully give it some real longevity. StreetPass isn’t left out of the equation either, players can trade items over StreetPass, giving us all a good reason to camp out in front of GameStop looking for tags.

Online co-op has also been announced for the game, as well as the expected local multiplayer. The best part is that it has been specifically detailed as “four-player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer either locally or online”, which is extra exciting. It’s a rare thing for handheld games to have multiplayer like this, although it has become a regular occurrence on other platforms.

This move will likely bolster Heroes of Ruin from its status as a smaller, less known 3DS release to a much larger title for the system. The DS and PSP were both fantastic systems for RPGs, but the 3DS and Vita have been lacking quite a bit in that area. This is likely due to the fact that smaller developers tend to need a little more time to convert to the newer systems unlike the bigger studios, but handheld gamers have become very accustomed to these sprawling adventures, and both Nintendo and Sony need to get on the RPG ball for their new systems if they hope to hold this niche.

While the story seems a little bland – venture forth to save your sick king – the loot is there in full force. This could be just the kind of fast paced, number heavy hack-and-slash that the system needs to get people cracking open their systems everyday for a few minutes of online loot grabbing. Hopefully Nintendo will make a similar deal for the North American release, but only time will tell.

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