How To Optimize Conversion Funnel For Your Business

Friday, March 19th 2021. | Internet News


A conversion funnel is an organized way to form the buyer’s journey until the point of purchase. It will take your business from a break-even point to generating healthy profits. However, this only happens when the funnel is optimized to its maximum potential.

The only way to optimize the conversion funnel is to increase customer interaction at every stage. This means testing different elements involved in customer engagement. So, where do you start?

Continue reading to get tips on how to increase conversions by working on your funnel strategy.


4 Tips To Remember For Funnel Optimization

You can only optimize your funnel when you know what is working on your website and what is not. With that in mind, here is a list of tips about what interaction points you need to focus on.


1.     Define Conversion Goals With Google Analytics

Google Analytics will not only help you track goals but also tell you at what point users are abandoning your site.

You have to determine what pages have the highest traffic and exit rate. This way, you find out at what stage of the funnel do users leave the site. For instance, is it during awareness (site visit), or is it during interest (adding product to cart)?


2.     Testing Email Conversion

One of the essential parts of a conversion funnel is building an email campaign. Email is an effective channel for keeping potential leads in the funnel and getting them closer to conversion.

You should look at the open rates to see what subject lines work best with what audience subgroup. Click-throughs tell you even more by showing you what links are driving people to conversion. Last but not the least, try out different CTAs and how you can position them.

If you do not have potential leads for email conversions yet, try out email finder tools like This tool saves you time and money by finding the email addresses of potential leads within seconds.


3.     Conduct A/B Testing With Usability Analysis Results

User testing, along with A/B testing, makes for a powerful combination. Businesses should look at doing user testing to create A/B designs. This way, you confirm the insights you get from usability results.

First, get a focus group for a usability test of the page where conversions matter most to you. This can be the sign-up form, landing page, and so on.

Once you have collected the feedback or insight, you can use it to guide you in making your conversion page. The insights should give you at least two to three design alternatives. With A/B testing, narrow down on the best design that can guarantee conversion.


4.     Run A 5-Second Funnel Optimization Test

Web designers create a strategy based on the rule that you have only 5 seconds to grab the user’s attention.

When testing your company site’s conversion capability, test it out on testing sites adapted for funnel optimization. These sites allow you to upload a screenshot of your conversion page. Participants view the design for 5 seconds before telling you what they took away from the page.

With participants’ first impressions, you can figure out if you are achieving the page’s main goal or not.


Final Thoughts

As you can tell from the tips, the most crucial step for optimizing your conversion funnel is to dig into the analytics. Analytics tell you where there is room for improvement so you can redo your funnel and site design.

With all this actionable data, time to take some real action and create a successful conversion funnel!

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