How to Play on the ACS (Artillery) in World of Tanks?

Sunday, January 3rd 2016. | Games News

How to Play on the ACS (Artillery) in World of TanksArtillery is the most simple class in World of Tanks. Indeed, ACS you usually stand the whole fight somewhere in the corner and shoot at alien glow. Often, you can play even with one hand, so the gunners are called “one-touch”. But someone in the artillery does 200-300 damage in battle, others – several thousand, so let’s look at the basics of the game on the ACS.

But first, it should be noted that when playing the artillery much depends on luck. You can completely come down, the shot at standing targets, but still … the projectile will fly by as you’re out of luck. This happens, of course, when you play the other classes, but the impact of artillery luck (or bad) felt most strongly. So do not worry too much when missteps, one battle you can not take much, but in this you will enter the edge of the enemy machine from a distance. If the tanks you tired of playing, we recommend you try the online flash games site

Overall, the gameplay in the artillery are the following important elements: positioning, target selection, just shooting. Let’s examine them in detail. At the beginning of each fight you must choose a comfortable position. Often, right next to the base there is one: usually a hollow between the hills or just nisin. It can also be bushes, behind which you and hide.

But the ideal position for the automatic control system is a combination of the shelter is not destroyed and a large number of bushes. For indestructible shelter have to hide if you find. And this happens not so rarely in the beginning of the battle, if you will break the enemy light tank. It is usually quickly destroyed, but can you manage to light. And the enemy self-propelled guns in such cases try to destroy you, and here is useful not destructible cover.

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