IBM Human Brain Chips

Friday, August 19th 2011. | Software News

Armonk, NY-based IBM has recently unveiled the first generation of chips that is supposed to mimic the human brain. The unveiling is three years in the making after IBM partnered with several universities, after being awarded a grant by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The grant was to re-create the brain’s perception, cognitive, sensation, interaction and action abilities. The chip is the first tangible result from the grant, according to IBM Research project leader Dharmendra Modha.

“What I hold in my hand as I speak,” Modha told CNET, “is our first cognitive computing core that combines computing in the form of neurons, memory in the form of synapses, and communications in the form of axons…[and] in working silicon, and not PowerPoint.”

There is still only speculation for what the chip will be used for but many believe that it will solve extreme problems in computing, analyze financial markets with exact precision, monitor global water supplies, detect earthquakes and much more.

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