In Depth: E3 2015: What we want to see

Sunday, October 19th 2014. | Games News

E3 2015 is just around the corner. OK so maybe it’s not, but we’re preparing our wishlist anyway.

By the time E3 2015 rolls around players will be a year and a half into the new console title, so publishers, developers and platform creators need to bring their A-game to LA.

Here’s what we’d like to see – and believe us when we tell you, this is simply a starting point for an ever-growing list:


We don’t expect to see very much in the way of hardware at the 2015 expo. Both Sony and Microsoft will have gaming platforms in the market that are under two years old and if Nintendo’s past form is anything to go by, it’s doubtful it’s ready to throw in the towel on the Wii U just yet.

3DS sales are enough to ensure that Nintendo probably won’t be showing off a new handheld, and Sony continues to support the PS Vita platform, even though there was nary a mention of any new titles for it at this year’s Gamescom expo in Cologne.

That said, the notion of a slimmer, more svelte Xbox One wouldn’t be unappreciated. On the other hand, if the PS4 loses any more weight it may disappear under your television altogether.

What’s more likely is that both Microsoft and Sony will make attempts to better utilise their mobile device gaming platforms. A price cut for any of the home consoles wouldn’t be completely unexpected either.

An area of hardware we do expect to see plenty of is virtual reality. The Oculus Rift is expected to touch down midway through next year, though initially in a limited rollout, so we’d expect it to be at the LA expo with guns blazing.

We currently don’t expect Sony’s Project Morpheus probably to be on shelves by that point, but there’s every chance that we could get a confirmed release date and price for the headset at E3.


It’s hard to predict at this stage what developers and publishers will have in store for the E3 shop floor. But there are a ton of titles in 2015’s pipeline we desperately want to see more of.

Mirror’s Edge 2, for example, has been teased in two expos on the bounce and it’s doubtful DICE can keep interest high if it doesn’t at least have a demo to show off at E3 2015. Similarly, the Warner Bros Mad Max game was one of the belle’s of the E3 2013 ball but we saw neither hide nor hair of it at E3 in 2014. We’d like to see how far along it is. Are you listening, Warner Bros?

One publisher we’re hoping will recapture some of its E3 glisten is Bethesda. The publisher’s E3 2014 showing was tepid to say the least; showcasing The Evil Within and BattleCry failed to set the world alight. We’d be quite pleased with a sequel to Dishonored, or if there was any news about the undeniably intriguing Prey 2. But on the very top of our wish list is an announcement about Fallout 4. If that happened we’d be over the moon.

Elsewhere, it’ll be interesting to see if Activision has more in store for the world than another Call Of Duty, another Skylanders or more bolt-on parts to Destiny. The normally reserved publisher introduced one of this year’s biggest and best new IPs. We’d love to see them repeat that trick – even if the odds on it happening are slim.

Square Enix could do with some regrouping. Aside from Final Fantasy XV, which is receiving a mixed reception at best, and the upcoming sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot (which is still under wraps at this stage) Square doesn’t really have much beyond games with niche appeal. Why is this? This is the publisher that holds the rights to both the Hitman and Deus Ex franchises.

There are also rumours that United Front is working on a new Sleeping Dogs title and we’d love to see that.

Oh, and Sony could ‘fess up and tell us whether we’ll ever see The Last Guardian in this lifetime.

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