Intel’s 32nm Medfield Atom Android Tablet Pictured

Friday, December 30th 2011. | Hardware News

There is no question that 2012 has to be a big year for Intel ‘s most power-efficient platforms.

Not only will the company have to put some products behind its promises, but it will also have to make clear that Intel processors are superior to ARM chips when running Windows 8. Expect information to become available by the slice (a big slice at CES) and expect to read about leaks like this one.

Intel's 32nm Medfield Atom Android Tablet Pictured

Slashgear received some information and pictures from a reader who apparently got his hands on what seems to be a Medfield SoC reference design tablet running Android. The pictures are pretty blurry and do not allow anyone to make any conclusions about Medfield and how well it performs – or how much better it performs than a common ARM chip. The source claims that he got his hands on the tablet for just $50.

There are no surprises as far as looks and features of this specific reference tablet are concerned, but there is the indication that Intel could be giving away reference designs to developers at this time.

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