Intronis introduces flat fee unlimited storage and protection

Monday, June 9th 2014. | Internet News

Intronis, a provider of backup and data protection technology, has introduced a flat-fee, unlimited cloud and unlimited local storage price plan for small-to-mid-size businesses, CMO Aaron Dun told TechRadar Pro. Dun said he believes the plan will change the way businesses approach data management and protection.

Traditionally, IT departments pay storage technology providers by the amount of data stored. Dun said the existing systems used by other service providers could potentially cause cost spikes if storage needs were to dramatically increase without forewarning.

However, Intronis’ new pricing plan allows small businesses to establish their storage and protection costs upfront without having to worry about ballooning costs if storage needs increase, Dun said. Intronis is also banking on the notion that allowing small-to-mid-size-businesses to pay a flat fee for storage will enable them to focus more on storage and protection strategy rather than the costs associated with storage and protection.


Intronis also released the ECHOplatform, a cloud backup and data recovery solution designed to simplify the delivery of backup and protection services. The platform features an open API, integration with PSA and RIMM tools, and it supports VMware, Hyper-V, SQL and Exchange backup.

Pricing under the new model will be variable depending on the managed service provider or SMB to whom Intronis is selling its storage and protection solution.

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