iPhone & BlackBerry Safe, but Vulgar Android (Can be viewed)

Friday, March 30th 2012. | Gadget News

IDtheftandroidOwners keep a lot personal information on cellphones, contacts, data and even sexually explicit images. When you sell or lose a smartphone, you should be cautious, but especially careful with Android smartphones.

In a recent test, McAfeee Security consultant, Robert Siciliano found that Android was the most risky smartphone to sell or lose.

Siciliano bought used computers, thumb drives, smartphones and other devices on Craigslist. BlackBerry and iPhone remote wipe and factory reset removed all signs of the owners.

On the five used Android smartphones he found personal data, videos and was able profile the owners.

Siciliano told Wireless and Mobile News that four Android smartphones had been reset using the factory data reset function in Android. On the reset Android phones he was able to find PDF files, documents, data and porn.

Android owners had a higher porn use than other owners, noted Sciliano. He was also able to profile the owners who were male aged 18-35 and were active porn users.

Besides the porn, he found contacts, email, web history and enough information to be damaging, using hacking tools and the help of forensic specialists.

Some Android makers such as Motorola in its Motoblur offer remote wiping of data, GPS locating and remote locking while photos and data stored on the microSD card are not deleted. HTCSense.com was offering data wipe but it is closing the service on April 30 to overhaul it.

He recommends using McAfee Mobile Security for Android because he said “Android is a mess.”

Siciliano bought the smartphones without a SIM installed, however, he confirmed McAfee mobile security will wipe data off SIM cards, also.

He also advised all smartphone owners that you should lock your phone with a password.

McAfee announced that McAfee Mobile Security software well be preinstalled on Sharp Android tablets.

Apps also gather information. When downloading an application, check to see what you are giving up and what you are getting in return, and to decide if that particular tradeoff is worthwhile.

McAfee Mobile Security in the event of loss or theft, enables data backup and restore, locates and tracks your device, safeguards against viruses and spyware, and provides safe surfing and app protection for $29.99.

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