Larger Photos Inside Facebook

Sunday, August 28th 2011. | Internet News

Just days after announcing its plans to launch new privacy controls, Facebook has now announced a relaxation on the dimensions of the photos being displayed on the service. According to an official blog post by FB Product Manager, Justin Shaffer, the default size of photographs displayed will be increased from the 720 pixels wide at present, to 960. Photos already posted to the profiles will also be resized and displayed at this resolution. However, we think that the low resolution images will look bad when blown up to this resolution. FB has further claimed that even though larger, these images will load twice as fast, but has not elaborated any further. While the security features do make things a lot easier, these cosmetic features may appeal to users with an increasing number of users using high resolution displays.

FB has made these changes in response to the feedback received from its users. It has also revamped its photo viewer with a cleaner and easier interface. A prominently visible change is that the light box is now set against a simple white background, thus emphasising more on the photo, and less on the background surrounding the frame. As with the security features, these features will be rolled out shortly.

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