Mark Borisovich Gorenštejn (Mark Gorenstein)

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Mark Gorenstein born in Odessa. Get muzykalʹnoe education as violinist in the school im. Professor. P.S. Carpenter and in Kišinëvskoj Conservatory. Worked in orchestras Bolshoi Theatre, then at the State akademičeskom simfoničeskom orchestras Souza SSR under the Steering EF Svetlanova. More artistom future of this Kollektiv, Mark Gorenstein became the winner Vserossijskogo competition dirižërov and top vystupatʹ with simfoničeskimi orchestras in Rossii and abroad. In 1984 he graduated from the Faculty dirižërskij Novosibirsk Conservatory.

In 1985 Mark Gorenstein Became Main Conductor Budapeštskogo Symphony Orchestra (MAV). “He opened a new era in the history of vengerskoj symphonic music,” – tak otzyvalasʹ Anjou press about activity Maestro.

S 1989 1992 gg. Mark Gorenstein âvlâlsâ Main Conductor Symphony Orchestra, the Busan (South Korea). Ûžnokorejskij JOURNAL “Music Magazine” wrote: “Symphony Orchestra Busan Stal for South Korea tem, than Klivlendskij for USA. No Klivlendskomu orchestra to Become notch, ponadobilosʹ 8 years, Pusanskomu will fers and 8 months. Gorenštejn – vydaûŝijsâ Conductor and educator! ”

As a guest conductor Maestro vystupal in many countries of the world: Avstrii, UK, Holland, Spain, Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, Âponii and others. Važnym Etap creative biography Mark Gorensteina AVILAS activity in sozdannom them in 1993 Rossijskom gosudarstvennom simfoničeskom orchestras “young Rossiâ.” For 9 years Vyrosa orchestra in one of the best symphonic kollektivov our country, obrël Proper značitelʹnoe place in her musical life. This first-class Kollektiv successfully gastroliroval in many countries of the world, vystupal with shiny solistami and dirižërami, zapisal 18 discs, vypuŝennyh kompaniâmi “Russian Season”, “Harmonia Mundi”, “Pope Music.”

1 July 2002. Mark Gorenstein was appointed leader of artwork and Main Conductor Gosudarstvennogo akademičeskogo Symphony Orchestra Rossii. He Came in proslavlennyj Kollektiv after složnogo period in its history with the intention with solid vozroditʹ former glory Gosorkestra and time svoej work dobilsâ Classified results.

“Yarn only, I Govoril by the Merit brand Gorenštejna, vossozdavšego simply unique Kollektiv. Today it, is vsâkogo doubts, one of the best kollektivov peace “(Saulius Sondeckis).

With income Gorenštejna Creative life band The newly stanovitsâ nasyŝennoj bright sobytiyami. Kollektiv He participated in major, polučivših značitelʹnyj public resonance, deals (festivals “Rodion Shchedrin: Self-portrait”, “Mocartiana” and “Musical Offering” in the Moscow area and in Kurgan, concerts «1000 cities in the world” international blagotvoritelʹnoj Software “star peace – Detama» ), zapisal several video and audiodiskov (works A. Bruckner, G. Kancheli, A. Scriabin, Shostakovich, E. Elgar and other composers).

With 2002 years with the orchestra pobyval gastrolâmi in Belgium, Bulgarien, UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Turkey, France, Švejcarii, CIS. In 2008, after a 12-year-old break, soveršil triumfalʹnoe tour in the USA and in the same year with huge success vystupil in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, and in 2009-2010. – In Germany, whale and Spreewald. Značitelʹnoe place in nasyŝennom gastrolʹnom graphics GASO zanimaût concerts in cities Rossii.

In January 2005 Became the first years Gosorkestr rossijskim collective with polučivšim prestižnuû the international award “Supersonic Award” for Released firmoj “Melodia” disc write down the chamber and symphony Desâtoj D. Shostakovich under the Steering M. Gorenštejna.

In 2002, Mark Gorensteinu prisvoeno Became “People’s artist Rossiiskoi federacia”, in 2005 Maestro awarded premium Government Building Rossiiskoi federacia Resources for Cultural Concert Software 2003-2004., In 2006 he awarded the medal “for meritorious front Fatherland” IV degree.

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