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Monday, November 20th 2017. | Others

Megan Fox Latest PosterPresently I don’t intend to be amusing, however Megan Fox (as per individuals, for example, Michael Bay) is too thin. Tragically that any performing artist wants to be this thin to get by as an on-screen character. Without a doubt the fact of the matter is “YOU ACT”. No offense to a few, yet Judi Dench isn’t precisely a looker (as I would like to think) but then she figures out how to get adequate function as a performing artist. She is all around regarded in her field also. Approve, so Ms Dench is probably not going to play Shia LaBeouf’s bimbo sweetheart, yet on the other hand who’d need to? Gracious yeah…ahem. Anyway, Miss Megan “I could purportedly turn sideways and wind up plainly imperceptible” Fox is in another film due out in 2009.

She plays a team promoter who moves toward becoming possesed and goes around on a women’s activist frenzy encouraging off the guys. Approve, so I don’t sound excessively excited with this one, yet remember that it originates from the author of Juno. You might think this sounds like it could be great. Shockingly, I still can’t seem to reveal to you that the chief of Jennifer’s Body is in charge of ├ćon Flux. Some way or another my low enthusiasm for this film has gone straight to hellfire. In any case, here is a beautiful photograph of the “dazzling” Megan Fox in Venice (presumably on a break from Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen) demonstrating no waist which is a decent shock. Along with this pic is that of a poster for Jennifer’s Body that is as pointless as my ranting about Ms Fox’s weight! Enjoy! If you also like Megan Fox and you want to place picture Megan Fox to your phone cases you can buy Megan Fox phone cases here or if you can’t find to buy Megan Fox phone cases you can buy Megan Fox Posters an that site and you can create phone cases from poster Megan Fox.

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