Messenger Users Encounter A Message from Zuckerberg Disappear Suddenly

Saturday, April 7th 2018. | Internet News

Messenger Users Encounter A Message from Zuckerberg Disappear SuddenlyFacebook quietly delete private messages of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who is sent to the Inbox (Inbox) the users of Facebook.

Not only the message of Zuckerberg, messages from top executives of Facebook also disappeared suddenly. Three sources who claim to never communicate on Messenger with Zuckerberg, found if the message disappear suddenly.

They say, there is no notification if the message is gone, and leaving only a message from the recipient only in the window of a conversation.

The site claims to be one of them, TechCrunch had received a message from Zuckerberg on 2010.

They then check the e-mail and found evidence if the boss of Facebook indeed never send messages to their Inbox, but lost without notice.

During this time, 1.3 billion Facebook users can only delete the messages in the entry itself, but the content of the message is still stored in the Inbox of the recipient. Facebook party quibble, it is done because Facebook is afraid if the sensitive data will leak.

Facebook claims if there is a change of policy by the year 2014, after attacks siber to Sony Pictures studio in Hollywood, Novermber 24 2014.

The siber attacks managed to expose films production studio Hollywood giant that has not yet been released, as well as secret information about officers and employees of Sony Pictures, including the salaries they earn.

Messages that you have deleted the Facebook was not published, giving rise to suspicions about what was actually hidden Facebook.

Although Zuckerberg is the founder of the great boss of Facebook, but are certainly less ethically made, and violate the standards of the community itself. Remember, it is not listed in the terms of service that exists on Facebook.

After this news, summarized the incessant KompasTekno from FastCompany, Saturday, (7/4/2018), Facebook immediately responding to no longer delete messages sent by Facebook executives, and promises to release a clear message sent to the users in General.

“We’re going to create the Remove feature this message more widely available. It will probably take time, and while waiting for the feature is ready, we will no longer delete messages executives, “definitely Facebook.

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