Microsoft is strapping a GoPro channel to the Xbox One’s face

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014. | Games News

We’ve seen GoPro cameras strapped to some strange places, but the Xbox platform is not necessarily where we’d have guessed it would end up.

Nevertheless Microsoft has announced that it’s adding a new GoPro channel app to the Xbox One starting today.

The GoPro channel lets users browse and share videos taken with GoPro cameras and purchase GoPro cameras and equipment directly from the app.

In addition the Xbox One GoPro app features four exclusive videos for users to watch, including one in which a camera is strapped to a kung fu weapon.

Going pro

The Xbox 360 got its own GoPro app in April, and Microsoft says it’s been downloaded almost half a million times.

GoPro channel users on the older console reportedly watch an average of 18 minutes of footage per session worldwide and 30 minutes average in the US.

Xbox Wire staff wrote in a blog post today that Microsoft is excited to have GoPro join the ranks of other user-created content apps like Twitch and YouTube on Xbox One.

It’s not a bad deal for GoPro, either; “The Xbox-GoPro relationship helps support GoPro’s initiative to grow content distribution and expand community reach worldwide, and we’re very excited to participate in these efforts with the launch on Xbox One,” the blog post reads.

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