NASA Found A Galaxy Cannibals, The Earth Is Threatened?

Monday, November 19th 2018. | Science News

NASA Found A Galaxy CannibalsNot only living beings are cannibals, a Galaxy pun there that have the nature of eating each other. Will the milky way or the Earth is threatened by his presence?

Recently the United States Space Agency (NASA) found a galaxy with a label the brightest ever discovered. Not a matter of invention so its appeal, but the nature of the Galaxy that differs from others who have been found so far.

A collection of the star turned out to be cannibals. He eats at least three of its fellow Galactic size is smaller. The thing that makes it a very light.

The Galaxy is named WISE J 224607.55-052634.9. It may sound difficult to remember. Therefore, to make it more concise, researchers call it W2246-0526.

When compared to the Sun, W2246-0526 is far brighter. The comparison can be up to 350 trillion times the level of its brightness.

In addition, he is a group of stars known. In addition, there is a black hole that the magnitude of about four billion times that of the Sun.

Hence, why do they prey on their fellow Galaxy? As stated in the official site, NASA explained that W2246-0526 requires great energy to produce light. Just info, the light is not only coming from the star, but also of gas and dust.

The good news, a Galaxy full of hunger is its position far enough away from the Earth. Its light takes about 12.4 billion years to reach us.

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