New Gameplay Footage of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trailer, Screenshots Released

Monday, January 23rd 2012. | Games News

A new trailer has been revealed for the Doctor Who game in development at Supermassive Games for PS3 (via PSN) and PlayStation Vita that shows the title’s gameplay. Some screenshots of the game’s monsters have been revealed as well.

Doctor Who

Simon Harris, Executive Producer at BBC Worldwide, shared some insight into the process of creating monsters for a Dr. Whogame:

Choosing the monsters for the game turned out to be a more of a complicated process than you would imagine. Initially, when Supermassive put in their design pitch for the game, they had chosen the four monsters they would like to see, both as Doctor Who fans and from a gameplay point of view. However, at that time they weren’t aware of the new monsters that were going to be shown in the new series, which was just about to start on the BBC. Given the high level of security we place on information about the show, there were some great discussions where we had to talk very cryptically about a specific monster. We had to balance this with trying to understand what the design team at Supermassive wanted to achieve – we didn’t want to include new monster if it completely broke the gameplay plans. Thankfully the design change felt good and The Silence was added to the monster line up. I’m not going to tell you which one got cut, but I can promise it will make appearance in a future game.

Having settled on our monster line up — the Silence, Cybermen, Silurians and the Daleks — work started on the detailed game design on how they would challenge the Doctor and River. We also had to start modelling the characters for the in-game graphics. Accuracy is vital, and it was essential to have the models looking like they do in the show. It was great to start working with the Doctor Who teams in London and Cardiff to ensure our dimensions, the shaders (the technical term for an aspect of the graphics which give a texture a look and feel to it such as steel or cloth) and the colours were all entirely correct.

The trailer for the game shows that Dr. Who and his companion River are trying to stop a storm that could tear the universe apart.The trailer then shows 2D platforming gameplay across a variety of areas, including a prison, a London town area, a sewer, and various alien lairs. The enemies in the game are shown as well: the robotic-looking Cybermen, the reptilian-looking Silurians, the pale-faced aliens called The Silence, and the smaller robots called Daleks. The trailer closes with Dr. Who and River being lowered into a Dalek lair and then ominous footage of Dr. Who standing alone in front of a structure of some kind. 

To view the new trailer for the game, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the game, click on the Media Gallery below:

Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock will release for PSN and PlayStation Vita in March 2012.

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