New iPhone Display Will Be Like Huawei P20 Pro?

Saturday, November 24th 2018. | Gadget News

New iPhone Display Will Be Like Huawei P20 ProNo doubt the Huawei P20 Pro has brought a new trend in the global mobile market. Because the color gradation on the back makes many vendors do the same on their devices, including Apple.

This is known from a patent that Apple proposed recently. The Cupertino technology giant called it a Surface Finishing display.

Later on the rear shell of the iPhone will display a color gradation like a rainbow. The display will replace the plain colors that the iPhone has brought so far.

In creating these color gradations, Apple uses numerical control (CNC) to create grooves on the surface of the device. These grooves can change the light that bounces off the product.

Instead of using a sandblasting solution, Apple will use ceramic beads to change the grooves to produce a controlled color shift that will appear even with light movements.

According to reports the iPhone with a graded rear display will swing next year. This effort was made by Apple to boost sales of its mobile devices considering the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were not so successful.

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