New neutrino examination unable to confirm Einstein wrong

Saturday, March 17th 2012. | Science News

New neutrinoIt appears that Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist who was responsible for developing the actual exclusive theory connected with relativity, continues to be right: Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

According to a press release from the European Organization with regard to Nuclear Research (CERN), the outcomes of a September experiment, which found that neutrinos may breach essentially the most well-known guideline connected with Einstein’s exclusive theory connected with relativity, never have been confirmed in a retest by a new group of scientists operating from the identical laboratory.

The brand new experiment, called the ICARUS experiment, which was conducted in the Italian Gran Sasso laboratory, recorded a new time for the pace connected with neutrinos from CERN in order to Gran Sasso. The actual experimenters released the outcomes of the experiment here.

The actual scientists make use of the identical short pulsed beam from September’s experiment in order to carry out the actual ICARUS experiment. CERN’s press release expresses that the new measurement “is on odds using the original measurement reported by SAFARI last September. ”

“The evidence is beginning to point on the SAFARI result being an artefact of the measurement, ” said CERN Research Movie director Sergio Bertolucci, in a press release, including that “it’s essential to become rigorous, and the Gran Sasso experiments, BOREXINO, ICARUS, LVD as well as SAFARI will be making new measurements having pulsed beams from CERN in May to give us the last judgement. ”

In order to shield the actual SAFARI team from too much unfavorable criticism to take on Einstein’s exclusive theory connected with relativity without any success, Mr. Bertolucci defended the actual SAFARI team’s experimental technique.

“Whatever the result, the actual SAFARI experiment has behaved having perfect technological integrity in opening their measurement in order to broad scrutiny, as well as welcoming distinct measurements. This is how science functions, ” Mr. Bertolucci professed.

Carlo Rubbia, a Nobel Prize winner as well as a spokesperson for any ICARUS experiment, also commented for the most recent neutrinos acceleration examination.

“The ICARUS experiment has provided an important cross check of the anomalous result reports from SAFARI a year ago, ” said Mr. Rubbia, in a press release. “ICARUS measures the actual neutrino’s velocity to be no faster than the speed of light. These are difficult as well as sensitive measurements to create and they underline the value of the actual technological process, ” he / she added.

Mr. Rubbia also shed a few light source on how the actual ICARUS experiment was conducted:

“The ICARUS Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber is a novel detector which allows an accurate reconstruction of the neutrino relationships corresponding using the previous bubble chambers having fully consumer electronics buy programs. The actual quick associated scintillation pulse provides the precise timing of each event, and has been exploited for any neutrino time-of-flight measurement. This technique is now recognized worldwide as the most appropriate for potential large amount neutrino detectors. ”

According to the Southern Pole Neutrino Observatory in the University connected with Wisconsin-Madison, “neutrinos are subatomic contaminants created by the actual decay connected with radioactive components and so are elementary contaminants that insufficiency an electrical impose. ”

Even though neutrinos are not able to travel faster than the speed of light, the actual subatomic contaminants harbor other interesting capabilities. A recent experiment by experts in the University connected with Rochester as well as North Carolina State University found that neutrinos can communicate emails via solid materials.

The actual scientists beamed neutrinos via approximately 780 ft connected with stone, punctuational your word “neutrinos” on the other side. The research team feels that neutrino communication technology could have several uses in the not-so-distant potential.

Neutrinos are nearly massless and they have a neutral electrical impose. This means that neutrinos aren’t susceptible to magnetic attractions and so are not significantly impacted by gravity, which allows these to move through solids as well as liquids without being impeded.

While neutrinos may not be able to proceed faster than the speed of light, their construction certainly has significant effects for the future connected with area as well as underwater communications.

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