New Progression of LEGO Universe, Kins and Spider Queen Battle is New Faction

Tuesday, August 9th 2011. | Games News

The LEGO Group and NetDevil have announced that they are introducing a new level progression system for their MMO LEGO Universe, designed to make players feel like they are being rewarded for all their in-game actions. The new level cap for the game is set at level 40 and players are now rewarded for leveling up with an assortment of new abilities, new equipment, new slots for their backpack and bonuses pieces to express their creativity with.

The developers have also added a new instance to the game, called Avant Gardens, which is designed to challenge players as they progress to a fight with a battle with the eight legged Spider Queen, one of the toughest enemies that can be tackled in the MMO. To help dedicated players overcome all in-game challenges NetDevil and the LEGO Group have added four new Faction Kits: Adventurer, Shinobi, Inventor and Space Ranger.

The new game roles are available to those who are part of one of the four Nexus Force factions and there are three ranks to unlock for all of them. Jordan Itkowitz, who is the design director of LEGO Universe, stated when the announcement was made, “We love to challenge our LEGO Universe builders. We’re regularly adding new content and new bricks for players to continuously evolve and tap into their innermost creativity.”

He added, “With the addition of the leveling system, we’re looking to inspire players to explore deeper into the universe, and tackle more difficult goals than they may have considered before.”

LEGO Universe has been designed from the ground up to deliver a massive multiplayer experience that appeals in equal measure to kids and to their parents and allows them to share a video game without making any compromises.

The game is free to play and those who want access to more content can pay a monthly subscriptions or use microtransactions.

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