New Sony Table P Will Appear On September!!

Sunday, August 28th 2011. | Hardware News

Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets have been the subject of rumors, reports and even official word on the company’s part, but the latest leak suggests that the latter slate might end up being named differently once shipments begin. The tablet industry continues to be a fairly uncertain space, though not in terms of whether or not it will continue to exist.

By uncertain one means the fact that a new tablet can never really know for sure if it will take off or fail to gather a following. This is, no doubt, the reason most slates have so much in common, both hardware-wise and in terms of software. Still, while the S2 tablet from Sony does share the same platform as many others, as well as the Android operating system, it can hardly be called similar. Indeed, the product definitely stands apart by virtue of its dual-display construction, reliant on two 5.5-inch displays, one of which occupies what would otherwise be dedicated to a keyboard, were this a netbook. According to Engadget, there is now a name to go with the codename, Sony Table P in fact, its availability being scheduled for next month (September 2011).

The Tegra 2 SoC (system-on-chip) is the platform chosen to power it, while 4 GB of built-in flash storage exist as well. The obligatory card slot exists, of course, and there is even a 2 GB SD card bundled with the product, or so the report says. Furthermore, Sony threw in 512 MB of RAM (the processor and video parts would not work without it after all), as well as a 0.2 megapixel webcam. All in all, the dual-display Tablet P has a weight of 370 grams, quite a bit less than the Tablet S (600 grams), which has 16 GB or 32 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM.

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