New Sony VAIO F series review

Saturday, November 19th 2011. | Hardware News

The Japan based Sony corporation recently launched the Vaio F Series laptop. Aimed at bringing a desktop’s configuration onto a laptop, this new product hopes to attract people with a preference for high resolution and 3D support. The laptop is also unfortunately not extremely budget friendly at $980, but is comparable in price to other high end laptops.

Sony VAIO F seriesSony VAIO F series

Exteriors of Sony VAIO F series

This new laptop may not have a bold look like that of an Alienware piece but Sony could have increased its dimensions a little more given that this is a desktop replacement. The new wedge shaped design is emphasized by its inwardly angled screen. The design is elegant, clean and comfortable, making it a professional purchase with a hint of the cool quotient.

Lifting the laptop’s screen, one finds many integrated media controls apart from the usual touchpad and keyboard. On the right edge of the laptop one can find a power button, an optical drive and a pair of audio jacks. The opposing side is embedded with a VGA port, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port and finally two USB 3.0 ports. The device is rather portly, measuring in at 15.69 X 10.68 X 1.70 and weighing 3.65 kilos; from any perspective this is a pretty hefty laptop.

Display and Sound of Sony VAIO F series

Sporting a resolution of 1080p at an aspect ratio of 16:9, this laptop offers a wide horizontal viewing angle. The vertical viewing angle however, is bad as the screen bleeds a shade of yellow when viewed from a height. High resolution movies, web videos and games on this laptop are certainly a visual treat though, but only if you’re looking at the screen straight on.

The speakers on this laptop are disappointing as opposed to its superior video quality. The bass is shallow and filtering the audio through the Dolby speakers causes high pitched sounds to be painfully piercing.

Performance and battery life of Sony VAIO F series

The F series runs on the Intel core i7-2670QM processor which clocks at 2.20 GHz (over clocking capacity up to 3.10 GHz). The NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M GPU works well in tandem with the processor hence providing improved speeds. Performance is certainly not an issue with this gadget, and it multitasks heavy applications with ease. This was tested by opening 56 tabs over 5 web browser windows. Each of these tabs had a movie streaming on YouTube, Netflix and other websites. Added to this there was a Blue-Ray movie playing combined with a fiery session of Team fortress 2.

The laptop hiccupped only when GTA IV was added to the mix. The battery lasted for about 58 minutes when subjected to the above mix. Ideal usage can fetch you about 2 hours with the same battery, which is quite below par when it comes to standard battery time on other configurations in the market today.


Overall, a great device which gives you as powerful a system as a mainstream laptop can currently provide. Only cons are average viewing angles and terrible battery life. But if those aren’t deal breakers, this is surely the laptop to go for if you’re looking for a powerhouse.

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